Typical residential virtual tour design samples.


Typical residential E-video slide show design samples.

Typical Residential Virtual Tour includes up to 6 images, it can consist of  6 360 or partial panoramas, it can also be still pictures. Text description for the property is also included. Your picture is included along with various contact information, and the customer can even page you if you have an alpha-numeric pager that can receive Internet e-mail messages.
Residential Virtual Tour implemented directly into a listing's web page.
This is a sample of a transparent tour. It can consist of any of the above tour. The advantage to this is that while the customer is looking at the house info on the web page, the tour is being downloaded. When it's ready it will allow the customer to view the house without having to wait or having  to visit a new page. This way you can incorporate the tour right into your web page.

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